21 Eylül 2011 Çarşamba

Living in the World of “Woulds”: What if Khadija was Choosen as Prophet

The woman is oppressed, controlled, dominated, insulted, exposed to injustice, and killed. One happens to be sad when s/he hears it, but none of the listed is as bad as this one: the woman is silenced. It is the worst thing that can happen to a person; the incapability of talking means incapability of resisting and change. Then woman is erased from the humanity, because human was capable to be independent. We tend to say that the tragic erasure of woman had started with the narratives in history, religions, philosophies and sciences; to some extent they all were indicating and justifying “the role” of woman: inferior, fragile, less powerful than man, possessed, a mother, and a wife. But when we look at this situation in detail, the very starting point of these narrations is the sense of “private property”. The source of inequality between man and woman is once again, the capitalistic mentality.

Islam, like the others, is a religion given to a man, written by man, and written for man. May it be still called as a religion if the Quran was given to Khadija instead of Mohammad? I think not. The social and historical context of Arabia at that era was completely dominated by man. The new-born girls were buried alive, just because of their sexes. Woman had no freedom, even not considered as human, and often considered as a disgrace to the family. In such circumstances, if Allah would give Quran to Khadija she would have no followers or disciples, and after sometime would be stoned because of witchcraft. The people could not just accept her, because a woman prophet means that there is a Goddess, rather than God; a woman that everyone has to pray to, read her words and spread them.

Let’s say Khadija survived and accomplished her task, and Islam today is still widely accepted religion. How would it look like? I think it would be just great! We would see no GMC cars filled with women and driven by a man in the streets of Mecca, nothing could exist as Al-Qaida, no ridiculous cartoons would be drawn by some anti-Islamist, but wait! Islam would be their own religion, because the West is known for the value of woman! Or is it? Would West accept Islam as their religion? Or do I talk about some kind of radical shift in the powers of the world? I don’t know about that, but I think that a religion like that would be much more meaningful than any religion that we see today (everything is great in the scripts, almost no one can act like in the scripts) and I would be in that religion.

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