21 Eylül 2011 Çarşamba

Colonial Tools, Imperial Heritages, and Suffering: Césaire and Imperialism

Césaire’s argument is that, the Empires stand for colonial reasons and colonization means pure exploitation and demolishing of the colonized. All the other rhetorical explanations by the colonizers, such as, civilizing mission, administrative and economy teachings, and series of constructions in colonies are simply “cover–ups” of the evil. These are, in fact, was not for the sake of humanity and morality, but making their work easier. Because European colonizers always see their colonies in a racist manner, as they are “things” rather than humans. And whenever there is someone who tries to tell these out loud “ex-colonizers” are branding them with “Anti” word.
This article reminds me of Lorde’s article on feminism: master’s tools which are external and strange to the “object” rule, control, and create the master’s place upon the “objects”. Racism, as one of these tools, have divided the world into two parts and made the new system of politics, of which we must be sure about one side receive the power while the other becomes powerless.
It is really hard to believe that, all the “public goods” in post-colonial countries have been made by the imperial powers of Europe. But there is something way more interesting this fact; it is the “real” reason for all those efforts: exploitation. I immediately think about Marx’s idea of exploitation, but that was about the capitalist societies not Empires. There, Lenin’s idea of “Empires are the ultimate form of Capitalism” comes to my mind and I go deep into the Discovery of America. One of the earliest capitalist enterprises… After Reconquista… For Spain… By an Italian man…. A single mistake… And huge number of dead bodies… all these in my opinion proves Lenin’s point.

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